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The Twins

Listen to this poem in episode 17.

The itty bitty little ones lie snug

and mommy kindly smiles presenting smug-

ly baby one and baby two still sleep-

ing, looks like precious balls of fur all heaped

in. One decides to open eyes and peek,

she stretches belly out. If she could speak

she’d ask “Oh, where am I” so quiet kept.

"If strangers frighten mommy’ll intercept."

The bright-eyed baby spotter leaps within

with goo-goo eyes though nothing’s happenin’

“They are so cute!” is uttered from my lips

who’s cooing just like Gladys and the Pips.

Below me baby number two awakes

she blinks and stirs and squirms just like a snake.

You want to hold her? Are you sick? Wash hands.

Newborns are fragile, so I understand.

It takes a while to get the pumpkin still

she stretches constantly and her mouth spills

a little baby slobber, but it’s cute.

More baby language, she listens astute-

ly for a two month old—then time to feed,

so back to mommy she provides all needs.

Politely I say bye, it’s time to go

surprise visit and babies stole the show

back to studying, my focus, I’ll have to go. The best part:

see others’ babes, dote heavily, depart.

‘Cause if it was babies I had in lieu

of school, Oh Lord what tremors would rattle my heart.


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