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A Deal is a Deal

(You can listen to this piece on S3E12 of the podcast)

Silvia’s leg bounced under the beige Formica table in the state employees’ cafeteria. “I’m not sure about this.”

Marshall took another bite of tuna sandwich and shrugged. “But a deal’s a deal.”

“Yeah, but your half of the deal was easier,” Silvia huffed, twirling her fork into her frozen food aisle fettuccine alfredo.

Marshall guffawed. “You call being Helga’s wedding date easy?”

“At least she likes you.”

“But nobody likes her, me least of all.” Marshall shot back. “I only went out with her because you said it was an emergency.” He gave her the evil eye.

“It was an emergency!” Silvia said, gesturing emphatically. “You don’t know Aunt Wilhelmina. She’s threatening to cut Helga off if she doesn’t find a guy and settle down soon.”

“And I guess my appearance at that wedding bought her some time, fine. But now I have an emergency, and you have to come through.”

Silvia groaned. “Marshall, he’s not friendly.”

“He is once you get to know him.”

“And he’s moody.”

“So is Helga, but I still endured a whole night with her. Dance floor included.”

“Honestly Marshall, he’s a jerk. There I said it.”

Marshall was downing his bottled water as she said it, causing him to nearly choke.

“I can’t believe you actually said that aloud,” he said once he recovered. “After everything I could have said about Helga, you’re now attacking Callahan like this?”

“Funny you’re using the word ‘attack’ in this situation,” Silvia said, narrowing her eyes at her work friend.

“Don’t be dramatic,” Marshall said.

“I’m not being dramatic. You remember what happened the last time Callahan and I were in the same room, don’t you?”

Marshall sighed. “You just don’t understand each other.”

“We just don’t like each other,” Silvia quipped. “And I’d like to renegotiate our deal.”

“Can’t. I need the favor this weekend, and I’m paying you for Pete’s sake! That’s better than the deal I got going out with your cousin for free.”

“You’re lucky I need the money,” Silvia said after gulping down the last of her cola.

“Sure,” said Marshall. “I just need you two to behave yourselves and it’ll be fine.”

“Tell Callahan that,” Silvia said, right eyebrow arched pointedly at her friend.

“I will,” Marshall promised, standing up from the cafeteria table with Silvia following suit.

Silvia nodded her approval. “Good. Because if that demon Chihuahua thinks he’s making my life hell this weekend, he has another thing coming.”




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