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The House of Perplexed

Listen to this story in Episode 9 of the podcast.

If Perplexed were a person she’d scratch her head constantly then sigh deeply when flakes surfaced on her scalp. On the average day Perplexed would sip coffee and pace circles on the living room floor. She’d look out the window on cloudy days and wish for sun. She’d look out the window on sunny days and wish for rain. She’d look out the window on rainy days and wish for a vacation in the Maldives.

If Perplexed were a person she’d write to-do lists on notepads and stare at them the next day, lamenting the things not accomplished the day before. Perplexed would attend conferences on how to get more out of life every quarter. She’d be a millionaire if she had a dollar for every time her efforts to implement expert advice came up short. Feeling this lack deeply, Perplexed would buy ice cream in pints then repent with Pilates just to apply filters on every photo she posted in various poses. Perplexed would delete the photos lacking sufficient likes and buy more ice cream in pints to drown her self pity once more.

Perplexed as a person greets the sun in the morning, practices conversations in the mirror at midday and listens to podcasts in the evening. Perplexed searches scriptures in sacred books for basic truths. She reads topical blogs off the internet hoping someone has the answer. Any answer. To the meaninglessness she feels in her life. Perplexed lies awake at night wondering if there is one.


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