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Taking a Wrong Turn

(Listen to this piece in season 2 episode 4)

“At least 15 miles?” Sandra huffed.

“I’ll drive fast as fast as I can,” Tully said, trying not to meet his pregnant wife’s stare.

Her contracting belly shivered with outrage. Tully bit his lip as he shifted into drive and rolled back onto the road. Switching on his high beams to see in the looming darkness, he spotted a motel with two cars parked outside across from an abandoned truck stop. In his rear view mirror loomed the gas station where he’d bought the fried chicken tenders that he’d given to Sandra who immediately got heart burn that induced her contractions that made him panicky and scared because this would be their first child. A little baby boy they would name Michael who was supposed to be born in Chicago one month from today, but might be born in backwoods Indiana in the next few minutes because he’d gotten lost hours ago and didn’t see the need to tell his sleeping pregnant wife, and instead of asking for directions he’d been driving in circles until she woke up and said she was hungry. So, Tully pretended they were not that far from Chi-town when he fed her side-of-the-road chicken instead of a nice meal in the city for their babymoon he’d ruined before it even began.

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