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State of Relaxation

(Listen to this piece in season 1 episode 29 of the podcast)

Ode to

Steamy water dissolving scented salts

where I’ll soak and read a magazine or a book

body submerged until completely soothed.

Ode to

searching the pantry, selecting salty snacks to

crunch crunch and sweet custards to

scoop scoop.

Ode to

crooning soulsters, beckoning my head to nod

and my hips to sway.

or scenes of a favorite show

ushering forth laughter from my belly or intrigue

marked by twinkling eyes.

Ode to

slipping on my head scarf, pulling

back the sheets and calling it a night

no matter the time of day.

Ode to

bathing, snacking, singing, watching, and slipping

my way towards relaxation.


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