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Listen to this piece on episode 21 of the podcast.

It amazes me sometimes

how much major time

we spend on minor things.

Trying to find answers to questions we should understand.

Stressed about things we should leave alone.

Agonizing about issues we should have faith

will work out.

Lonely on the inside because we feel voids regardless

of how hard we try to fill them—

with things, with people, with stuff. Major time on minor,

worldly things.

I don’t know what other people call it,

but the things that we get so caught up on

can be summed up in one word:


So… for everyone or anyone with a situation,

I’m going to speak this for you and for me.

To he, she, it; them, they, those; this that or the other.

This is your notice—Notice that you can’t win.

I like to focus on my blessings, but I know a hater when I see one.

Situation, listen closely because I do not plan on speaking to you very long.

When I take 2 steps, if you were smart you’d

back, back. Because,

I won’t be stopped.

Block me? I dare you, because

I am tired of agonizing

over how to deal with you. So…

I’m going to count to one,

and it would behoove you to leave voluntarily

while you still have a chance.

{Inhale} One.

Hmm, Situation?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

It’s time to stop giving Situation so much power over our lives

because Joy is too precious to be infringed upon.

Major time, major time

No more major time on minor things.


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