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She Had One Job

(You can listen to this piece in S2E9)

“After you finish shoveling out the ashes, go ahead and start us up a fire, won’t you?” Marlo said.

Her son rolled his eyes. He asked that she pick up marshmallows for s’mores. His mother kept chocolate bars in her nightstand like hidden treasures. She always had graham crackers and packed them in his lunch pail with peanut butter sandwiched between them. But she didn’t keep marshmallows stocked. And she’d forgotten to buy them. The one thing he’d asked for as she headed off for her pre-storm panic buying spree at the Piggly Wiggly. And now they were snowed in. Now the lights were out. Now he had to shovel ashes from the fireplace until the grate was clean enough to load with pine logs that his mother would top with a cast iron skillet full of rabbit stew. Just great.


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