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Patriotic Flare

(Listen to this piece in season 1 episode 32)

Banners wave high above our heads. Proud are the marchers high stepping down Central Avenue in the brisk autumn air. The colors of us. Red, white, and blue constructed in a way unique to us. Who are we? Who might we be but a collection of brought here and fought here and escaped to here and pillaged and raped to here.

Now the marchers pause in this patriotic parade, making way for the dancers in their shiny best putting on a show for onlookers with wide eyes filled with mirth. This is the country of their birth. Or their immigration. A country that they call home even if it’s in conjunction with some other nation. The dancers land a last pirouette then continue their marching to raucous cheers. The glee of the moment brings some onlookers to tears.

Marchers end their route on the corner of Lincoln and 3rd. Now revelers wait for the firework show that will get the last word. The sparklers in the sky dazzle this patriotic parade. Tomorrow, we go back to the diverse lives and walks where we reside. Today, we join hands in exuberant unity and patriotic pride.


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