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Eyes Wide Open

Listen to this piece in episode 27 of the podcast.

Roommate A:

The door connecting my roommate’s room to my “walk-through” room with no privacy opened and before I could get a “good morning” in, she burst out with words spilling off her lips.

“Okay, so I know I look ridiculous, but my mom got this for me and it’s warm, and It’s comfortable and I don’t know…” She giggled nervously. In front of my eyes stood a tall, oval-faced 20-year-old woman with a brown leopard print zip-up onesie nightgown—complete with padded feet with floor grips keeping her warm on a cool New York City morning.

“There’s no need to apologize,” I said with a grin, eyes wide open in amusement. “As long as you’re warm and you’re comfortable, that’s all that matters.”

Tip- toeing across my room towards the bathroom she added, “Yeah, well… you know. I know that it looks ridiculous, but it’s so warm! I didn’t want you to think that I was crazy or something.”

“No judgments here!” I shouted thinking that there was always some new curiosity with that girl.

Roommate B:

Hungry and in a hurry, I waltzed into our dorm suite, washed my hands, and proceeded towards the refrigerator and the food I had set aside for my lunch. Looking in our small fridge, I squinted in confusion, not finding my food where I’d put it.

“Ummm, Kelicia?”

I turned around to see my other roommate hiding part of her body in the doorway to her private room. Not normally able to sit still as a busy dancer and student, her stiff figure summoned my full attention.

“I wanted to tell you that I ate some of your food, and I really apologize.” she continued, “It was just that I was sooo hungry, and I had just came back from a rehearsal and I saw your pancakes and I was like Ahhhh, and I ate like, two of them and…”

I hesitated, incredulous, but recovered as my freckled, curly head dancer roommate awaited my response with pleading eyes.

“I appreciate your telling me,” I said after a deep inhalation, eyes wide open in confusion. “I wondered what happened to them.”

She nodded, rushing her words forward like a horse jockey in a race. “Yeah, I thought about it, and I know that wasn’t cool, so I wanted to tell you…” She bowed her head low in shame like a kid.

“Yeah, well thanks for telling me. Just as long as…”

“Yeah!” she interjected quickly. “It won’t happen again.”

Conscience cleared, she retreated back into her room and prepared to leave for the afternoon.

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