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Date Night is Cancelled

(You can listen to this piece on season two episode 11)

“Isn’t he the cutest?” April says, pulling a treat out of her purse and proffering it to the two-year-old Pomeranian.

“Maybe we should get going,” I say, folding my arms across my chest. The clock on my wall says we should have left ten minutes ago, but April loves playing with my roommate’s dog, and somehow I got stuck caring for the furball while he’s out in Cancun.

“We should feed him before we leave, huh?” she says.

“We’re going to miss the opening scene,” I say.

But she is fixed on this dog, so I take a seat in the foyer while she preps Wobble’s dinner. When she mentions boiling chicken breast and rice, I groan, but I don’t fight back. Even though I’d prefer to stick to our original plan, there is always Netflix.

“Miles, get his toy— Wobble wants to play,” April says. Even though Wobble seems more interested in the chicken boiling on the stove, I comply, realizing that I’ll have to call my buddies and see the film tomorrow. I reach under my chair to snatch up the green squishy ball and toss it to April.

“Fetch, Wobble!” April says once the ball is in her hand. She tosses it out in front of Wobble who doesn’t budge. I slip off my shoes and put my keys in their designated tray. Of course, she got “distracted” by the dumb dog. I should have known by the way she said “another one” that she didn’t want to watch the newest installment of Fast and Furious.


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