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Cold Night in February

(Check out this piece in S2E1)

Tina can’t shake the cold wrapping around her bones as she stands in this line tonight. Yet, she couldn’t miss this Temptations and Friends concert in Cleveland. Their last hit was decades ago, but they didn’t need new songs to draw a crowd. Not with voices like floating water lilies in the summertime. Could anyone not stop to admire? Those voices and those lyrics and those dance moves had her nose wide open back in her heyday when all she wanted to do was run off to parties and dance and court and strut her stuff while Motown music blared in the background.

But this cold? Vicious. A sharp wind whipped through the February nighttime air and she started to rethink why an older lady like herself chose to queue up before the doors opened. A woman with grandkids and one great-grand on the way. Still she chose to don red high heel boots. Still slid into a gold-sequined dress. Still patted Fashion Fair into her skin and rouged her lips and wore no hat because she’d just gotten her hair done. She must have forgotten her age the moment she purchased her ticket.

“Tina Winters, is that you?” a low tenor voice said.

Tina looked over and did a double take. There stood Eugene Dunlap from home room class of 1967. He wore gator shoes, conked hair, fox fur head to toe, and looked like a grandpa version of his high school self, which was to say, fine. She’d seen him at a reunion a few years back, but neither one had been widows then.

“You got VIP tickets Mr. Dunlap?

We can have VIP tickets if you care to join me.”

Tina demurred, but not for long. Taking his arm and striding towards the entrance, Tina thought, it might have been a cold night in Cleveland, but things might be heating up soon.


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