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Drafting the Right Goodbye

(You can listen to this piece on S2 E13)

Laura opened her desk drawer where her faithful yellow legal pad awaited the ink of her $1000 fountain pen from Mont Blanc. She didn’t care for the pen, actually. It was just that as an aspiring writer, Eduardo said she needed the “right tools.”

“Laura, we’re headed to the dining hall—you want to come?” her roommate Ruthie asked.

“I’ll catch up!” Laura replied, swiping her auburn coils from her face.

It was Thursday night. Eduardo expected her in his hired car tomorrow night. And before she reached that predetermined hour, Laura had to draft a proper goodbye. And she had to make it a good goodbye. She was a writer after all, so the task of putting this breakup on the page daunted her.

Like the Mont Blanc fountain pen, you my dear are rich, but not handsome.” No, no, that was too harsh. As your hair has grayed with time, so has our fling lost its vibrant color. Laura struck the line out, too. There’s some young girl just waiting for a Papi like you, but I’m afraid I’m blocking her from your view.

“Ugh,” Laura grunted, spying that fountain pen with suspicion.

Finally, she pulled a blue ballpoint BIC ink pen from her desk drawer.


I don’t want a sugar daddy anymore. I’m through.

She put down the pen, slipped on her Ked’s, and chased her roommate’s path out the door.


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