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The Investigative Reporter

(Listen to this piece in S2E14 of the podcast).

“There are many professions in the world, but you’re here because you’re interested in the dynamic world of investigative reporting. As a retired reporter, I understand that fascination that propels you forward in search of witnesses and supporting details. I’ve experienced the pressure of getting the story before everyone else. I know the tingling rush in your stomach just before the cameraman says 3, 2, then points to you. That’s “go time” for the reporter. All eyes on her: timed breathing, clear articulation of words, neutral facial expressions, eyes that scarcely blink so that you do not look like a novice or a liar or a psychopath on America’s TV, computer, and cellular device screens. I know this because fieldwork has been my life’s calling. My one true love. I chased down a story like an Olympic runner. I held a microphone like a Grammy-award-winning singer. I typed articles late into the night like a Pulitzer-prize-winning author. I know how the game of reporter is won, and on this Masterclass, you will learn how to—”

“Grandma? Grandma!”

“Cut. Cut! Cut the tape, David. Sweetie, I told you I’m recording for my Masterclass. I just need a few more—”

“The one on your job?”

“Yes sweetie, I’m teaching people how to be an investigative journalist.”

“But dad said you were a pap.”

“A what? I was a professional—”

“Paparazzi grandma, you were a paparazzi.”


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